Dealing with time consuming customers

It’s not daily but I do have to deal with customers that feel as if I should be doing nothing but slaving over them and their web projects. Today one of my newer customers, 2 months now, asked me to setup a store and update a few pages on his website for him. Went ahead and invoiced the work, got it paid and started the procedure. Turns out his entire site is a Frontpage mess and a total headache of scattered unclosed tags. Trying to figure which tags went to what was an absolute nightmare. One of these moments actually,

Anyway, this customer also wanted us to post some ads from on his site, no idea where he wanted them or how he wanted them placed, just throw them on there. Well he calls up after we make the changes saying how terrible they look and how he didn’t want them on certain pages, see the irony yet?

Just another one of those days dealing with people who truly have no idea what they want.  I won’t even mention how the e-commerce store went over,  apparently credit card processing is something magical..

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