LLDP Cisco 3750 + Brocade VDX + Dell MXL + Juniper MX

Here is a brief overview of the  LLDP configuration needed for each device to give you similar information across all your devices.

Cisco 3750
lldp run
lldp tlv-select system-name
lldp tlv-select system-description
lldp tlv-select system-capabilities
lldp tlv-select port-description
lldp tlv-select management-address

Brocade VDX
protocol lldp
advertise optional-tlv management-address
advertise optional-tlv port-description
advertise optional-tlv system-capabilities
advertise optional-tlv system-description
advertise optional-tlv system-name

Dell MXL
protocol lldp
advertise management-tlv management-address system-capabilities system-description system-name
advertise interface-port-desc

Juniper MX
set protocols lldp port-id-subtype interface-name
set protocols lldp interface all

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