Sort Files with Bash

I’ve always been a fan of collecting fonts, as I go across the net I find random font files and save them for later use. Seems like I can never find the fonts I want because they are scattered all over and unsorted. Got tired of having unorganized font files laying around, so I wrote this to organize them.

#Edit path to the location of where you want your fonts organized
#create a folder called "Unsorted" and place all the files into that.
cd "${path}Unsorted/"
for mFile in *
  #Check rather its a file or folder, if its a folder skip it!
  if ! [[ -f $mFile ]]; then continue; fi

  #Grab the first letter of the filename and set it to $mFirstChar/

  #Convert all lowercase fist letters to upper case.
  mFL=$(tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]"<<<"$mFirstChar")

  #If the filename contains any chars such as "!@#$%^&*()" at the beginning
  # set the $mFl var to "MSC".
  if [[ $mFL != [[:alpha:]] ]]; then mFL="MSC"; fi

  #Make directories, prompt for overwrite and create dir if it does not exists.
  mkdir -ip "../${mFL}"

  #Move files to there new home.
  mv -v "${mFile}" "../${mFL}/${mFile}"

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