OpenStack allow IPV6 into your instances.

These rules below will allow you to add Ipv6 to all of your instances.. by default openstack only allows ipv6 between the same security group.

openstack security group list
| ID                                   | Name    | Description            | Project                          | Tags |
| 9817adcc-e504-479b-97e5-cc884c17d3dc | default | Default security group | 3d1f410104144004a65e74c7d8fa2612 | []   |
| a45b2351-331c-4a71-ab42-10f3f04364f6 | default | Default security group | 877dce1df8ea4f8ba6a28803ef40f0dd | []   |
| afe5f296-1971-49a9-9ef4-f6af98bd83f9 | default | Default security group | 26ef6bf16c1544699b6de2639f006950 | []   |
| def5f039-c5bc-4f0e-a2e0-3ffe537f9bee | default | Default security group |                                  | []   |
| e38fe90f-70b1-4411-984b-ace5b6f04530 | default | Default security group | 776cf3cded7541419baeef3002ebf742 | []   |
#Add the rules to the security group for project "776cf3cded7541419baeef3002ebf742"
openstack security group rule create --protocol ipv6-icmp --ingress  e38fe90f-70b1-4411-984b-ace5b6f04530
openstack security group rule create --ethertype ipv6 --protocol tcp --ingress  e38fe90f-70b1-4411-984b-ace5b6f04530
openstack security group rule create --ethertype ipv6 --protocol udp --ingress  e38fe90f-70b1-4411-984b-ace5b6f04530

MacOS keybound Audio Switcher

I constantly switch between speakers and headset.. like 5-6 times per day for conference calls and such…. and changing the audio source was super annoying.. SO THIS BECAME A THING.

Install switchaudio-osx from brew

# brew install switchaudio-osx

Then you can list the audio devices available on your system to edit the code in the next step.

# /opt/homebrew/Cellar/switchaudio-osx/*/SwitchAudioSource -a
G533 Gaming Headset
Logitech Webcam C930e
HP Z38c
HP Z38c
G533 Gaming Headset
External Headphones
Mac Studio Speakers

Open automator and create a a new quick action. Automator:

Using MacOS “Automator” and “switchaudio-osx” from Brew I was able to automate switching to my logitech 533 headset automagically. I have this setup on a key binding for control+F13

The code:

on run {input, parameters}
	set theSwitch to "/usr/local/Cellar/switchaudio-osx/EDIT-ME/SwitchAudioSource"
	set theSource to do shell script theSwitch & " -c"
		if theSource = "Built-in Output" then
			do shell script theSwitch & " -t output -s \"G533 Gaming Headset\""
			do shell script theSwitch & " -t input -s \"G533 Gaming Headset\""
			display notification "Audio switched to G533 Headset." with title " Audio Input/Output Switcher"
			do shell script theSwitch & " -t output -s \"Built-in Output\""
			do shell script theSwitch & " -t input -s \"Built-in Microphone\""
			display notification "Audio switched to Internal iMac Devices." with title " Audio Input/Output Switcher"
		end if
	end try
	return input
end run

Building OpenStack Kolla Images from Source

There are several ways to deploy images for kolla. You can use docker hub, you can deploy them from a local private registry and you can build them as binary (rpm/packages) or from a combination known as source.

#Source Build

#OpenStack Basics
kolla-build --registry --push -t source fluentd kolla-toolbox cron chrony memcached mariadb rabbitmq dnsmasq keepalived haproxy -T 16 --tag train

# Projects
kolla-build --registry --push -t source  nova keystone cinder tgtd iscsid glance neutron openvswitch masakari placement aodh ironic horizon octavia manilla heat watcher  -T 16 --tag train

Having issues with kolla-build –push, so after all images are build I push them to my private registry.

#probably some docker specific commands for this but works.
docker images |grep| awk {'print $1'} | xargs -I {} docker push {}:train