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Alex Underwood is a Systems Administrator and Data Center technician for Singlehop Dedicated a Chicago based managed server company. He is currently working on his second year there. His formal education is not in IT but rather in electronics, having a Bachelors of Science from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. When he’s not working on other people’s systems he’s hacking his own for fun, working with electronic subsystems or working on his hot rod projects.

Tyler Bishop is the Owner & President at Beyond Hosting LLC, a Cincinnati based web solutions company.  Tyler is currently working to expand his company into managed IT infrastructure.  Tyler began his IT education during High School as a Info Tech / Tech Prep student, he studied in the Cisco CCNA Networking Academy.  He graduated DeVry University in December of 2009 with a Associates in Network & Systems Administration.

Justin Oeder is the other owner at Beyond Hosting.  Justin and Tyler met in high school where they studied and developed their passion for IT together.  Justin graduated from Ohio University with a Bachlors in Information and Telecommunication Systems.  He is also CCNA and JNCIA certified and looking to move to the next level.

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