How to submit a support ticket properly

We all submit support tickets in one form or another as part of our jobs in the IT world. There just comes a point where everyone needs some help. This being said, as a person working in the industry for the lowest response times and maximum efficiency there are a few things that you should do when submitting a support ticket:

  • Root password
  • Ports of any services that have been changed
  • Any form of authentication OTHER than passwords required (eg suing up, etc.)
  • Symptoms being reported
  • If you made changes before things started happening what were they
  • Your Ip address if you are experiencing difficulties accessing the site
  • Did you ping your server/VPS and did you get a response? Was it within the typical time?

Something to keep in mind is that by including these answers you will save the technician time in trying to bring your server up as well as reducing the time it takes you to get your server brought back up. The first two are critical, it’s really bad if you have a server running out of RAM but your tech can’t access it because you changed the SSH port to 2020 instead of leaving it on 22. We are here for you the client, however if your server can’t be brought up with the information on hand you get asked some questions and your ticket gets moved aside until a response is had.

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