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I’ve been working on some new business solutions for a while now involving heavy Colocated setups. Finally have the foot work done and have started offering a solution called “managed Colocation” to clients. Some of you may have heard of this concept before, RackSpace current offers something slightly similar. RackSpace offers managed Colocation in the sense that you have full control over the hardware and can get custom parts installed but never actually “own” the base system. The idea of Colocation is to rent space and bandwidth to the customer for any gear they want, if you’re not allowing them to have ownership of their servers or hardware then its NOT Colocation!

We’ve began to offer a solution that allows clients to ship us their gear or have us order it directly for them. We then rack it for them and take care of any hardware or extreme software failures that may happen.  We are essentially a babysitter for their hardware, this is extremely valuable to small/medium business where hiring someone to handle it just simply not cost effective.

Colocation Vs. Dedicated

Now here’s a topic a lot of people truly don’t understand and I see them paying WAY more than they need to for servers.  Just recently one of our new clients migrated to our Managed Colocation from Liquid Web, they were paying around $1,800 a month in server rental for 3 mid range boxes.   With managed Colocation they are now paying $700/mo for 5U Rack Space, Bandwidth & Power. They also now own their hardware so you will have to account for failure of disk and power supply’s, thankfully most OEM servers have a 3 year warranty on all components.  Depending on how important your server is you will need to at keep extra disk and power supply’s on hand.  Over the period of 3 years we will have saved this client $30,000.

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